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Manzocco, The Winery

Historical winery in Friuli Venezia Giulia | Wine aging in French oak barrels

After the renunciation of Slavonian oak in the 1960s, also due to the progressive conversion of the vineyards with white berried varieties, the vitrified cement tank was privileged;
this was later joined by various stainless steel wine vessels for a more correct management of the vinification phase - fermentation at a controlled temperature - and of conservation.

Considering the good results obtained - in particular with Verduzzo Friulano and Merlot - with the aging in small French oak casks, this experience is being deepened also with respect to various varieties or blends, both from white and red grapes.

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Location of the Wines Manzocco Winery and map

Collio, Isonzo, Judrio and the Adriatic Sea frame a happy area where the vineyard is affected by the nature of the soil

Cormòns, "City of Wine", is located in the heart of a territory where historical vicissitudes, re-confinements and socio-economic ferments confirm a unique "frontier" charm.

The "Manzocco Vineyard" descends from the "Collio" and, with a gentle slope, captures the potential - perfumes and aromas - of the mixed gravels of the Isonzo. Undoubtedly the marls and sandstones of the hills give particular structure and personality to the wines; especially the white ones benefit greatly from it.